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Expat Fair, i am not a tourist

Join Lassus Tandartsen on Sunday October 4th at the Expatica ’I am not a tourist’ fair.

Lassus Tandartsen is committed to delivering five star services to our clients. With locations in Amsterdam South and on the Keizersgracht in the city centre, Lassus Tandartsen serves both the local and expat community.

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Smile design

Smile Design in the age of the selfie

In the past there have been several notable generations. The baby boomersGeneration X and Y, and now, we have Generation selfie.  During the middle ages, and prior to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, many monasteries had monks who used to copy every detail of manuscripts of books to preserve them for posterity. Now we have an entire generation, that are also dedicated to the preservation of information, that being, photos of themselves, in every possible situation. In fact a cynic might say, no event is too tedious not to have numerous selfies taken to thrill and convince ones friends that the subjects of the photos, are having the time of their lives.

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Dutch Dental Care

Dutch medical insurance, things expats need to know

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Depending on where in the world you’re from, this will shape your expectations about health insurance. Coming from the UK, for example, I was used to a system where the only time it was necessary for me to reach into my pocket to pay a medical bill, was if I had any work carried out at the Dentists. Beyond that in the UK we’ve been pretty spoilt by the national health system. It’s definitely not perfect. It can take up to a year to see specialists in certain fields, and the system itself is under strain. Doctors, who feel that they are struggling to survive on a six figure income, no longer do emergency calls out of hours. This has led to emergency wards being overloaded with patients when Doctors surgeries are closed. Lees meer