Prevention is better than cure. Not many people know this, but almost all dental problems can be prevented by sufficient oral hygiene. We are more than willing to help you with that. Therefore, attention is focussed on prevention in our clinic.

Whenever you make an appointment for a periodical dental check-up, 40 minutes will be reserved for you. For the larger part of this time you will be treated by one of our prevention assistants. She will clean and polish your teeth and, in a pleasant way, indicate how you can best maintain your teeth yourself. After this, the dentist will examine your teeth.

All registered patients will receive an invitation for the periodical check-up in the agreed month. You can then call us to reserve time for the appointment at a moment suitable for you.

Please, do not forget to send us your new address when you move, otherwise, our invitation will never reach you. Please fill in the Change of address form on our website.