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Crown and Bridge work in Amsterdam at Lassus Tandartsen

There are times when your teeth need to be restored. For example, in Amsterdam, it’s not unusual that while cycling or using a scooter that accidents occur whereby people end up with broken teeth or end up losing a tooth completely. It’s often not possible to place a filling or facings in such cases. A porcelain crown is then the solution for this. A porcelain crown is indistinguishable from real teeth and has a natural color.

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Crown and Bridge work treatment at Lassus Tandartsen

Lassus Tandartsen has years of experience and expertise for crown and bridge at our practices in Amsterdam. We make crowns utilizing a number of different technologies. At the first appointment, the dentist will discuss with you the various methods and technologies available. The technology that will be chosen depends on the status of your teeth and your personal preferences.

CEREC Technology

Using CEREC technology, the dentist will make a 3D image of your teeth. Below, is a step by step explanation of how we will make and place a crown for you using CEREC technology.

Step 1:

The dentist prepares the tooth that requires replacement with a crown. This might involve removal of any damaged or infected tissues and the shaping of the tooth which requires the crown in order to ensure that it will fit correctly. If you’re missing a tooth, the teeth on either side will be ground down a little to make room for the placement of a bridge.

Step 2:

A CEREC intraoral camera is used to take an image of your mouth. This produces a perfect image of your teeth and jaw without the need for custom trays and biting into plaster that would usually be required for such a task.

Step 3:

The scan that was made of your mouth appears in 3D on a computer. Together with the dentist, the current state of your teeth will be discussed. The dentist will use the computer to show you how your mouth will look after the work has been completed. Together with the dentist, you’ll choose the color of your crown.

Step 4:

Now that the shape of the crown has been determined from the scan, this information is sent digitally to a milling machine. The dentist inserts a cube of material in the color chosen by you into the milling machine. Approximately 15 to 20 minutes later the crown will be ready for placement.

Step 5:

The crown is placed in your mouth by the dentist.

Advantage of the CEREC Technology

The major advantage of this technology is that you’ll receive a crown that can be placed on your teeth in a single session. The treatment typically takes on average between 1,5 to 2 hours, with a short break of 15 minutes while the machine makes the crown.

Conventional crowns

On some occasions, it might not be possible to use the CEREC technology. For example, if you have an implant with a ceramic or porcelain crown.  The treatment requires two appointments. At the first one, a dentist will make an impression of your mouth and decide with you the color of the crown. The impression of your mouth will be sent to a lab technician that will produce a custom made crown for you. As soon as the crown is ready, you’ll return to our practice to have it placed.

Bridge work

If you’re missing a tooth or molar, it’s possible to produce a bridge for you so that the empty gaps in your mouth will be filled. A bridge is made up of multiple crowns. Between each crown is a dummy, whose purpose is to fill the gap from the lost tooth or molar. A small bridge is manufactured from ceramic.

A large bridge is made from zirconium. Zirconium is a soft material that when heated turns hard. As soon as the base fits, a thin layer of porcelain is modeled around it. Porcelain has a natural appearance due to the structure of the material resembling your natural teeth, plus the color can be adjusted to ensure a perfect match.

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