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Have beautiful white teeth once more

A lot of people view their teeth as an essential part of their appearance. This is also one of the reasons why people want to go through life with beautiful teeth. Teeth are confronted on a daily basis with our personal habits (eating, drinking, and smoking), where as a result of these teeth can over time slowly become stained and develop a lackluster color.

The discoloration of teeth can cause embarrassment, this is one of the reasons that more and more people are opting for teeth whitening. Lassus Tandartsen, with three practices in Amsterdam, has the in-house expertise to quickly and effectively whiten your teeth in a sustainable manner.


Enjoy the summer with a perfect smile with our teeth whitening package deal. Have your teeth cleaned by our professionals and receive custom whitening trays for at home teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening package – From €400 for only €250*

  • 30 minutes oral hygiene treatment
  • Custom made whitening trays
  • 2 whitening gel syringes 

*€249,99. Offer is valid until 30 September 2021. Ask for the terms and conditions.

Teeth Whitening

Prior to the teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be extensively cleaned to ensure the best results possible. Because we can guarantee a much better result in comparison with in-office whitening, we only offer at home whitening treatments. In order to this, we’ll make two appointments with you. During the first appointment, imprints will be made of your mouth, after which a dental technician will create special bleaching trays for the upper and lower jaws.These will be available for you to collect from the practice after a week. A special syringe is used to apply bleaching gel to the trays for four to ten nights. At our practices in the Keizersgracht or the Lassusstraat, you’ll receive detailed instructions for teeth bleaching at home. Doing so at home is an effective and safe way to whiten your teeth.


During The Treatment

Following the treatment, we advise our clients to temporarily avoid the consumption of any food or drink that contains coloring. This is to prevent any negative impact on the results of the teeth whitening. The final results of the treatment is usually clearly visible after approximately two weeks.

Teeth whitening at Lassus Tandartsen

Lassus Tandartsen has three practices in Amsterdam, in the center of the city on the Keizersgracht, in Amsterdam South on the Lassusstraat and near the Olympic Stadium at Stadionplein. Thanks to a team of experienced dentists we can help you achieve your goal of having beautiful whiter teeth.


One of the most common questions we receive is if teeth whitening is painful. It’s possible that during the treatment that your teeth will be more sensitive than normal. It’s also possible that for several hours after the treatment that your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold substances.

  • This bleaching method is not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • If you’re a radiology patient

The bleaching of teeth only works on natural teeth so not artificial, dental work. The original color of fillings, crowns, and faces don’t change as a result of the treatment.

We advise you to eat prior to the appointment as after the treatment you won’t be able to eat for a couple of hours.

It’s understandable that after treatment you should watch carefully what you consume. In the first two to three hours do not eat or drink (apart from water without bubbles and milk) and don’t smoke. For the rest of the day don’t consume anything that contains coloring products (red wine, cola, coffee, and tea) don’t smoke.

In order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth after bleaching it’s important to pay attention to your consumption habits. If for example you’re a regular smoker and drink lots of coffee, then your teeth will quickly become discolored again, which will lead to you having to repeat the treatment a lot sooner.

As the treatment isn’t damaging to your teeth, it’s possible to undergo it again. In order to maintain the optimal results, we advise you, dependent on your consumption habits and how you look after your teeth, to regularly repeat the treatment.

The Cost of Teeth Whitening

In the table below are the costs for the most common treatments:

E90Internal bleaching, first session48,23
E95Internal bleaching, each additional session18,09
E97External bleaching per jaw75,37*

* Excluding technical costs á € 55,- per jaw**
**Excluding 21% VAT


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