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21 mei, 2015 08:45

Smile Design in the age of the selfie

In the past there have been several notable generations. The baby boomersGeneration X and Y, and now, we have Generation selfie.  During the middle ages, and prior to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, many monasteries had monks who used to copy every detail of manuscripts of books to preserve them for posterity. Now we have an entire generation, that are also dedicated to the preservation of information, that being, photos of themselves, in every possible situation. In fact a cynic might say, no event is too tedious not to have numerous selfies taken to thrill and convince ones friends that the subjects of the photos, are having the time of their lives.

Hiding in plain sight
A by-product of the selfie culture, is that a lot of people have become very good at hiding things they might not be too pleased with, particularly, aspects of their smile. When walking around Amsterdam, it’s easy to get the idea that there are more places to get ones teeth whitened, than establishments selling greasy krokets out of a container. That’s probably an exaggeration, but there are certainly lots of places attempting to entice people in with promises of "GET YOUR TEETH WHITENED HERE."

There may well be structural issues with your smile that should be addressed, before considering teeth whitening.  Common issues tend to be for example:

  • Gums that are too visible or at the other end of the spectrum not visible at all
  • Discolored teeth
  • Teeth that are out of alignment, leading to a less than optimal appearance

"I always hide my teeth when taking selfies, I feel self conscious about them"

Don’t forget the foundations
Think of your teeth the same way you would about a house, that by and large looks pretty good, but whose foundations clearly need some work. Repainting the house with blinding white paint, will improve how it looks. It might even deter some potential burglars, who blinded by the light will seek somewhere darker to break into, but the paint job will not resolve the underlying problems. This is where Lassus Tandartsen’s unique process for smile design will ensure that the underlying issues, that may make you feel uncomfortable about your smile will come into play. The philosophy of Lassus Tandartsen is that before the rebuilding of a house, that you need an architect that will take responsibility of transforming the dreams of the client into an actionable plan.

If you believe that you require teeth whitening, the first step is really to understand exactly what is it about your smile that you’d like to see improved? 

A paint job won’t fix the underlying problems

Steps in the transformation process
1 Detailed interview with the client to understand the dreams/objectives and build a relationship

2 Demonstrating the dream to the client with the aid of a model, video and photos

3 Test driving your desired smile is an important step. We will provide you with a model which works as a snap on smile. This model is unique and tailor made for you to gives you an idea of
the possibilities. You can see what the end result will be before any work is carried out in your mouth

4 Adjustments can be made to the plan if required

5 Delivery of a project schedule including timing, cost estimates, and treatment plan

6 The delivery of the service

The approach outlined above is unique, and is a sign of Lassus Tandartsen’s commitment to fulfilling the needs of its clients. After a detailed interview with the dental architect, a video will be made showing the current as is status of the clients mouth. A model will be made that will be presented to the client showing how what the end results of the treatment will deliver. Here is the opportunity for both the client and the architect to discuss expectations and make any adjustments if required. The client will have a clear understanding of the estimated length of the treatment, and more importantly, what will be carried out and why. The costs will also be outlined as well.

By following this process Lassus Tandartsen aims to deliver an outstanding service and results to their clients. Before doing irreversible things we test drive. As esthetics are very personal and emotional we need to find out together what can or can’t be done.

Think of the treatment as having bespoke tailoring carried out. Every client is unique, and a plan is made to fulfill your needs. You wouldn’t rebuild a house without engaging an architect, apply the same logic to having your smile improved.

Credits: Simon Woolcot

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